The best 5 Middle Eastern dishes to warm you up this winter

It’s getting darker, earlier every night, it’s cooler and rainier, and it’s leaving you craving something hot and filling that will offer a little comfort and tons of flavour. 

The good news is, I know a thing or two about feel-good food. Middle Eastern cuisine is full of it. 

So when you’re looking for something deliciously warm, totally filling, and utterly satisfying, here are the dishes I’d recommend. 


Mezze is one of the best examples of Middle Eastern food there is. In general terms, mezze is an assortment of small dishes that you order as a whole, then enjoy the experience of tasting one after the other. 

And when you order mezze at Alma’s you can pick all the hot mezze dishes, from prawn murtabak and batata kezbara to salt and Aleppo pepper calamari and Cauliflower arnabeet. 

This is perfect if you’re not sure what you want or can’t decide, so you can try a little of everything. 

Charcoal chicken hummus

Our charcoal chicken hummus is like we’ve taken all the very best flavours from the Levantine and fused them together in one beautifully toasty dish. 

We start with old city spice and yoghurt marinated chicken steak, then layer it with hummus, chickpeas, pickled chilli salsa, wild rocket, and tahini, then we wrap it all up in a hot sourdough pita.  

It’s steaming hot, packed with goodness, and a great option if you’re looking for warm, feel good food that isn’t terrible for you. 

Lamb manti dumplings 

Lamb manti dumplings are little pockets of deliciousness that will warm you up from the inside out. 

We slow cook lamb overnight, then hand-make each dumpling with confit spinach and chicken jus, as well as chilli oil, burnt butter, and walnut. 

This dish is filling, brimming with flavours, and served toasty warm for the most comforting meal on a cool day. 

Lamb mansaf

For when you’re not just feeling chilled, but also need a serious meal to fill you up, the lamb mansaf is a classic Middle Eastern dish that ticks all the boxes. 

We slow cook lamb shank in a traditional spiced shanklish marinade for 12 hours, and serve it over bulgur pilaf with caramelised onion, nuts, crispy saj, fresh herbs, and minted yoghurt. 

This is the kind of meal you’ll day dream about on every cold day for the rest of winter, and one that will melt in your mouth with flavour and warmth. 

Sourdough pita

Whether you’re a little nibblish or absolutely starved, a little chilled or frozen to the bone, a sourdough pita will always be the answer. 

Served piping hot with your choice of either garlic or za’atar (a spiced herb mix), our pita is ideal as a side with your main, as a bite while you’re waiting for your meal, or as an easy snack with a drink. 

Let my incredible Middle Eastern cuisine keep you warm and well fed this winter. Make a booking at Alma’s so you can discover the magic of my feel good food.