Alma’s a la Carte Menu

 Wednesday – Thursday, from 5pm
Friday – Sunday, all day

Steeped in heritage, tradition and history, food is not simply a source of nutrition in the Middle East, it is part of the cultural fabric – one which I am excited to share with you at Alma’s Kitchen.


Served hot, handmade sourdough pita
  • With Za’atar 5

    4 each

  • With Garlic 5

    4 each


As much as we would love to, we are unable to make changes to the sharing mezze; but please add additions from our main menu for your favourite extras
(Min 4 People)

The chef’s selection of cold & hot mezze, condiments & sides

Please choose up to 2 options from the below. Served with chips & salad to share

Sustainably sourced fresh barramundi cooked over wood fire with thyme and garlic. Served with creamy garlic, fish roe, herbs and lemon sauce
12hr lamb shank slow cooked in a traditional spiced shanklish marinade. Served over bulgur pilaf with caramelised onion, crispy saj, nuts, fresh herbs and served with minted yoghurt
(rice is available on request)

Grilled with our unique basting

Please ask your waiter

Cold Mezze

  • Shanklish (V) 12

    Aged labneh cheese, cold pressed olive oil, cucumber, tomato, onion, pickled green chili and herbs. Served with heirloom tomato and fresh mint

  • Heirloom Beetroot Salad (V) 13

    Slow roasted beetroot with cumin marinade. Served with Tasmanian honey, parsley, goats cheese and lemon dressing

  • Classic Hummus (V,VG) 11

    Slow cooked chickpeas, premium tahini, lemon, garlic, cold pressed olive oil and parsley.

Hot Mezze

  • Salt & Aleppo Pepper calamari 16

    Lightly fried golden calamari with Aleppo pepper and lemon seasoning. Served with aioli and lemon

  • Crispy Bell Peppers (5 pieces) (V) 12

    Mini bell peppers filled with smoked feta, crumbed and lightly fried. Served with Toum

  • Baalbek style Loubyeh (V) 11

    Mixed beans and onions slow cooked in a rich tomato jus. Served warm with yoghurt and olive oil

  • Garlic Prawns (7 pieces) 21

    Premium jumbo prawns cooked with garlic, spicy tomato & harissa jus. Served in a “hot pan” with sourdough pita

ALMA's Middle Eastern Dumplings

All handmade our special way
  • Shish Barak 26

    Spiced mincemeat dumpling served with yoghurt minted sauce, chilli oil, parsley, burnt butter and walnut

  • Lamb Manti 28

    Slow cooked overnight lamb filled dumplings. Served with confit spinach and chicken jus, chilli oil, burnt butter and walnut

  • Crab & Prawn Manti 35

    Fresh crab and prawn mince filled dumplings served with harissa lobster bisque, chilli oil, burnt butter and walnut

  • Mushroom & Lentil Dumplings (V) 25

    Spiced mushrooms & lentils are slow cooked and filled in “wheat” shaped dumplings. Served with minted yoghurt sauce, chilli oil, parsley, burnt butter and walnut


Grilled with our unique basting and served with crunchy chips or fattoush salad


Monte Grain Fed 120D
Wagyu Grain Fed 450D
  • Wagyu Rump 500g Marble Score 6+ 55


All aged for 28+ plus days in honey, butter & wagyu dripping

Meat Temperature


  • Peppercorn 4
  • Creamy mushroom 4
  • Chilli 4
  • Veal jus 8


  • Toum 2

    Traditional Garlic Dip


  • Barramundi 36

    Sustainably sourced fresh barramundi fillet cooked over wood fire with thyme and garlic. Served with creamy garlic, fish roe, herbs and lemon sauce

  • Lamb Mansaf 38

    12hr lamb shank slow cooked in a traditional spiced shanklish marinade. Served over bulgur pilaf with caramelised onion, crispy saj, nuts, fresh herbs and served with minted yoghurt

  • Wood-fired Chicken Steak 32

    Grilled and served with quinoa, mixed grains & seasonal mushrooms with lemon and garlic sauce


  • Crunchy Chips (V) 5 / 8
  • Classic Fattoush (V,VG) 14

    Cucumber, vine-ripe tomato, radish, mint, baby cos, crispy pita and pomegranate dressing

  • ALMA’S Tabouli (V,VG) 8 / 14

    Cucumber, tomato, onion, parsley, mint, pomegranate and bulgur wheat with lemon and cold pressed olive oil dressing

  • Broccolini (V) 14

    Lemon and olive oil sautéed broccolini with roasted almonds & salted cheeses

  • Alma’s Coleslaw 9

    Crunchy cabbage, aioli & herbs

Kids Menu

Served with choice of crunchy chips or salad
(Children 12 years & under)
  • Grilled Chicken 12
  • Chicken & Mozzarella Roll 12
  • Crispy Calamari 12


  • Knafeh Pan for 2 (V) 16

    Halloumi cheese layered between traditional kataifi pastry. Served warm with aromatic blossom and rose syrup, pecan caramel ice cream and sugar roasted nuts

  • Ma’amoul Crown (V,VG) 14

    Ginger, cinnamon, date, tahini & floral honey mousse, crunchy pastry crown and fior di latte ice cream

  • Chocolate Delice (V) 14

    Our signature chocolate mousse cake with salted caramel sauce, Oreo crunch and macadamia ice cream

  • Mahalabia (V) 14

    Rose water and white chocolate panna cotta, toasted coconut, caramel biscuit, roasted nuts and pomegranate sauce

  • The Sultans Affogato (V) 11

    Ice cream of your choice served with traditional Arabic style coffee

Keeping true to à la carte we recommend you pique your appetite from the many mezze dishes we have to offer right through to a sweet ending. Mezze is more than a starter – they are small plates intended to remain on the table for your entire meal. Navigate your taste buds through many flavours and textures to begin, then continue as an accompaniment for main dishes to come.  Do however make sure you punctuate your visit with a traditional cup of a Arabic coffee.

I look forward to acquainting you with familiar and foreign delights of pan-Arabian cuisine. From traditional hummus to baba ghanouj or shanklish to manti, there are so many dimensions of flavour and dishes waiting for you to sample and savour.


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