Alma’s Kitchen Lunch Menu

Wednesday - Thursday 12pm - 4pm

Banish lunchtime hunger at Alma’s Kitchen.

Whether it’s lunch for one or many, we have meal options to keep you feeling full and spruce up the rest of your day.

Our lunch menu is packed with flavour, designed for convenience and sure to satisfy. We’ve taken inspiration from traditional Middle Eastern Sunday lunch to offer classics like a charcoal chicken, garlic and tabouli combo. Or you may prefer the more versatile but equally delicious chicken wrap. If salad is more to your liking, you’ll be spoiled for fresh and tasty options. Our lunch service is available from noon to 4pm, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

The only thing we can’t offer is a spot to nap.


Served hot, handmade sourdough pita
  • With Za’atar 5

    4 each

  • With Garlic 5

    4 each

Cold Mezze

  • Classic Baba Ghanouj (V) 11

    Flame roasted eggplant, lemon, premium tahini, cold pressed olive oil and aromatics

  • Labneh & Lebanese Cucumber (V) 12

    Creamy strained yoghurt, crushed cucumber, chilli and garlic dressing

  • Shanklish 12

    Aged labneh cheese, cold pressed olive oil, cucumber, tomato, onion, pickled green chili and herbs. Served with heirloom tomato and fresh mint

  • Classic Hummus 11

    Slow cooked chickpeas, premium tahini, lemon, garlic, cold pressed olive oil and parsley.

Hot Mezze

  • Salt & Aleppo Pepper Calamari 16

    Lightly fried golden calamari with Aleppo pepper and lemon seasoning. Served with aioli and lemon

  • Garlic Prawns (7 pieces) 21

    Premium jumbo prawns cooked with garlic, spicy tomato & harissa jus. Served in a “hot pan” with sourdough pita

  • Sujuk Meatballs (7 piece) 19

    Slow cooked veal & sujuk meatballs in a rich spiced tomato sauce. Served with labneh and olive oil


Grilled with our unique basting and served with crunchy chips or fattoush salad


Grain Fed 120D
  • New Yorker 300g MB2+ 31
  • Fillet 200g MB2+ 39
  • Rib Eye 300g MB2+ 43
Wagyu Grain Fed 450D
  • Wagyu Rump 500g MB6+ 55




  • Peppercorn 4
  • Creamy Garlic 4
  • Creamy mushroom 4
  • Chilli 4
  • Veal jus 8


  • Toum 2

    Traditional Garlic Dip


Our traditional Lebanese style marinated & brined chicken is cooked over charcoal and wood. All chicken is served with toum & pickles
  • 1/4 Chicken 11
  • 1/2 Chicken 15
  • Whole Chicken 24
  • Add chilli toum basting 2


  • Crunchy Chips (V) 5 / 8

    Crunchy steak cut chips

  • Classic Fattoush (V,VG) 14

    Cucumber, vine-ripe tomato, radish, mint, baby cos, crispy pita and pomegranate dressing

  • ALMA’S Tabouli (V,VG) 8 / 14

    Cucumber, tomato, onion, parsley, mint, pomegranate and bulgur wheat with lemon and cold pressed olive oil dressing

  • Broccolini (V) 14

    Lemon and olive oil sautéed broccolini with roasted almonds & salted cheeses

  • Alma’s Coleslaw 9

    Crunchy cabbage, aioli & herbs

Healthy Plates

Served poke style with brown rice & quinoa, roasted pumpkin & chickpeas, fresh mixed salad and hummus. Choose your topping:
  • Pulled Chicken 19
  • Pulled Lamb 22
  • Prawns 23
  • Mushroom 18

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