Welcome home.

Marhaba / Hello!

I’m Alma and I’m so pleased to welcome you to ALMA’s Middle Eastern steakhouse restaurant – Sydney’s new home of casual and sit-down dining.

My whole life has centred around food. Food is a vessel that can take you to another place without going far. It is full of tradition, history and often carries a story. In Middle Eastern culture food is truly woven in its fabric. From spending time with my mother learning to cook traditional cuisine, to hosting friends and family and serving my favourite dishes, it is with great pride I can bring to you, at Alma’s Kitchen, outstanding Middle Eastern cuisine.

I look forward to sharing my home and my heart with you through delicious, authentic Middle Eastern food.

My Menus.

The menus at Alma’s Kitchen have been carefully designed to offer a range of dishes that sample the Middle Eastern dining landscape. Some foods on the menu will appear familiar, perhaps you’ve even tried them, but there are many I assure you have not and I am excited to offer.

Middle Eastern cuisine is renowned for having unrivalled depth in flavour, being wholesome and hearty. Our lineup of hot and cold mezze, hand-made dumplings, traditional charcoal chicken, imported beverages and much, much more is sure to please your palate.

Functions at Alma’s.

What do I love more than food? The gatherings that come with it. Please your guests and host your next function at Alma’s Kitchen, the home of delicious Middle Eastern food and warm hospitality.

Our dining space can be evolved to suit your needs. Take your pick from our banquet options, specifically designed to be shared by many. We are also happy to cater to dietary requirements. 

Above all, I want to assure you that after dining at Alma’s Kitchen everyone is left feeling full and happy – just as you would at my mother’s table!

I look forward to welcoming you and yours at Alma’s Kitchen.

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